CoRE Simulation Models for Real-time Networks

CoRE Simulation Models for Real-time Networks

Simulation tools are of vital importance to explore the technical feasibility and facilitate the distributed process of vehicle infra­struc­ture design. CoRE is working on simulation models for the event-based simulation of real-time Ethernet protocols and state-of the art field busses. We developed a set of simulation models and tools to simplify the analysis of real-time networks using Ethernet based protocols as well as Fieldbusses. They were created by the CoRE (Communication over Realtime Ethernet) research group with support from the INET (Internet Techologies) research group at the HAW Hamburg (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)


All tools are designed for an efficient workflow. With help of the Abstract Network Description Language (ANDL) a network can be described in a system-level degree of abstraction. Ethernet components, CAN busses, gateways and different ECUs are connected. The stimuli generators and protocols be parameterized according to the degree of abstraction. After the generation process a runnable simulation configuration is available. This configuration uses the CoRE simulation models. The network simulation execution genrates the result files. This results are available in the form of vectors and scalars. The analysis can be performed using tools integrated in OMNeT ++ or other external tools.

Models SignalsAndGateways FiCo4OMNeT CoRE4INET

CoRE4INET is an extension to the INET-Framework for the event-based simulation of real-time Ethernet in the OMNEST/OMNeT++ simulation system. It provides real-time Ethernet protocols like AS6802 and AVB. FiCo4OMNeT is an open source simulation model for the event-based simulation of fieldbus technologies in the OMNEST/OMNeT++ simulation system. It enables the simulation of CAN and Flexray technologies. SignalsAndGateways using both to enable a heterogeneous network simulation. It includes gateway components to connect Ethernet and Bus communication.

Getting Started Document


Quick Start

Step 1: Download OMNeT++ 5.1.1

Step 2: Install OMNeT++

Step 3: Get INET framework 3.5

Step 4: Install CoRE plugins

  • Help -> Install New Software...
  • URL:
  • Check [Abstract Network Description Language], [CoRE Simulation Model Installer] and [Gantt Chart Timing Analyzer].

Step 5: Get CoRE frameworks

  • Help -> Install CoRE Simulation Models...
  • Check your desired projects
  • Install Projects

Step 6: Working with the Tools

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