CoRE Simulation Models for Real-time Networks


oppResultManagers aims to simplify result recording and analysis of OMNeT++/OMNEST simulations.

Components and Features

Check Vector Manager

A vector manager to check vectors of modules against an XML constraint specification

Database Managers

Records into Databases instead of .vec and .sca files. Supports:

  • postgreSQL
  • SQLite

Databases can be analyzed with SQL statements or attached to other tools (e.g. R)

PCAPng Manager

Records PCAPng files instead of .elog format. PCAPng files can be opened with wireshark. PCAPng supports multiple interfaces.

GCTA Eventlog Manager

Records an eventlog in the .tlog format for the analysis using the Gantt Chart Timing Analyzer (additional OMNeT++ Plugin)

Multiple Manager

Allows to use multiple Vector, Scalar or Eventlog Managers in parallel

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